Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I Did This Summer

Kayaked at Cape Cod
Visited beautiful Niagara Falls
Went on an overnight canoe trip in Maine
Saw the Creed concertAnd, of course, played some golf

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hitler? Really?

Agree or disagree with him all you want, but to compare President Obama and his health care plan to Hitler is a bit much, don't you think? I've seen quite a bit of it on the news recently.

That's precisely why so many Conservative ideas are lost on me. There are good points to be made from the Conservative front just as their are from the Liberal side. And I like to hear counterpoints to any ideas. But there must be a better way for Conservatives to get their points across than fear-mongering and the-sky-is-falling rationale. I realize it drives ratings and gets attention, but the Rush Limbaugh's and Ann Coulter's of the world seem more of a dog and pony show than anywhere near logical debate. They sell books, get ratings and make tons of money. That's fine, but when significant portions of the population buy into everything they say, it seems like a Cult. And that Cult, much like their leaders, don't seem interested in debate much less learning the truth about such matters for themselves. They turn the dial daily to their program and buy into it without question. Its ridiculous. They're certainly not converting anyone, just merely preaching to the choir. And I don't feel their doing much good for their parties either.

Of course, they say Obama supporters are a Cult in themselves. I would disagree on the most part, although a small selection does seem unduly fanatical. However, the majority are people seeking change and are willing to give his ideas a chance. Look, the old health care system isn't working and its getting worse. Ten percent per annum rate hikes cannot continue to be sustained, can they? What's so wrong, evil, and/or socialist about trying a new path? Let's see where it leads and reassess when we get there. MOST people, are still going to be under private health care not unlike what they already have. That message seems to be lost.

As an aside: Isn't primary education socialist on the most part? My daughter goes to a government run school that's funded with Federal, State and Local taxes. Where's the scare tactics and Hitler comparison's regarding that? And, like the new healthcare proposals, the rich will always have their options to go through private means.

I hear talk of getting the government out of health care decisions and on the whole that seems like warranted concern. But is the current solution of huge insurance companies, driven by profits, really better? Are THEY going to look out for us? Hell, many will cover Viagara perscriptions but not birth control? That to me tells me who's in charge of these huge companies. Anyway, its the greatest country in the world with the greatest medical minds in the world. ALL our citizens should have access to it, not just the upper class.

Will it work? I honestly don't know. Will any of Obama's other ideas work? Well, the economy has recovered 40% in 5 or 6 months. Yes, the national debt is alarming but the latest sainted President, Regan, didnt' exactly control the deficit and if I'm not mistaken the only one who's run a surplus, albeit a short-lived one, was Clinton; a "free-spending, bleading heart Liberal". So, lets see how it goes.

We want leaders to lead. Say what you want, this one's leading. Like it or not, he's taken charge from day 1 and has been moving things along quickly. Too quickly? Maybe so. But, lets give him a chance. Certainly he can't fuck it up much worse than it has been.