Thursday, July 31, 2008


Spotted around the household:

One 30-something year old woman clutching her lower belly, moaning softly and craving chocolate.

I guess we haven't made that baby just yet.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My 12th anniversary is in October. Holy cow!

I could write a sappy blog about how my love for her has just grown stronger and she's as beautiful as ever, blah, blah, blah.


Instead I'd rather brag about an AWESOME getaway I have planned for us! I've arranged child care and its all going to be a complete surprise and we'll be gone three entire days.

All that she'll know in advance is.....

Bring semi-formal eveningwear;
Bring a bathing suit;
Bring comfortable light-hiking attire;
Bring something sexy to wear out;
Bring something sexy to wear in (rowr, rowr);

The rest is up to her.

Can't wait!

(Details when we return).

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Go Green!

Ok, now we've simply taken this whole Green thing too far! I mean really. Recycled toilet paper? Do we need that?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mug Shot

Ya think? Ha ha, what a great shirt to have on for your mugshot.

That one, courtesy of TheSmokingGun.Com. For more hi-larious hi jinx and tee-shirts of the recently incarcerated, look here.

So many losers. So little time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Estelle Getty

So, Estelle Getty (of Golden Girls and Stop or My Mom Will Shoot fame) has passed away at the age of 84. That's sad.

Odd, though. I would've sworn she was at least 84 when she was on Golden Girls over 20 years ago! She played Bea Arthur's mom. What? Were they the same age? Was she younger?

Monday, July 21, 2008


Oh man! I think last week I hit the age where I audibly grunt when I get up from a chair or out of a car.

That can't be good!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tatted Up

My buddy recently got his second tattoo. Its of Scooby-Do. Now, he's 42 years old and I found that a bit strange as did everyone who discretely commented to me. He says he's always liked Scooby-Do so that's why he got it. Weird. Anyway, its his body and I guess it goes well with his drinking tequila worm on his other shoulder.

I shouldn't talk much though. I have two. The first I got is actually a cartoon character but I got it when I was much younger. I don't really regret it at all as it represents a time in my life, but it doesn't fit so much who I am today. Its well done and its on the back of my shoulder so nobody needs to see it anyway. It harkens to my younger, impulsive, child-like self.

My other tattoo will represent me forever and I love it and I'm proud of it. Its basically my design in armband form, which I find appealing to the eye (even if its a hackneyed ideal). You can see interwoven in the design three letters -MLM- in some script. The initials are my daughter's initials but they are also the first initials of my wife, daughter and self (Note: I took a bunch of pictures and they all sucked - hard to take of your own arm and have it look decent).

If Mrs. Nouveau and I have another child I will get another one representing him or her. My Little One totally digs my arm-band so I feel its a connection between the two of us and with the interchangeable initials its a family connection (until the next kid comes along - no room for another set of initials). I have a couple ideas for the next tattoo but nothing concrete at this time.

And if we don't have another kid, maybe I'll get one anyway.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Handle With Care

Handle me with care. I'm so fucking fragile!

So, since February or so I've been carrying around 15 to 20 extra pounds on my slight of build body for a while. I'm nearly 6 feet and the heaviest I've ever been at 197. Not good.

And I know that frequently I post about how I'm getting back to the gym, running more, eating better, blah, blah, blah.

But for one reason or another, I'm just not sticking with it. Some of its life's demands, some, admittedly is laziness, but for the most part, its health.

I'm rarely sick. I'm also fortunate in that I don't have any chronic conditions. But I can't stay physically healthy anymore. Tweaks, strains, sprains. Name it. Lately I get them. I play some softball and golf and surely that doesn't help. But I can't even stay healthy running!

Thursday, I loaded up my workout gear, ate a sensible breakfast and planned to get to the gym for lunch. My wife has been working brutal hours and by the time she gets home and we have some family-time I can't muster the energy (like I used to be able to) to work out after 9pm or so. And getting up at 5 am? Please! I used to do that too. Maybe its my weekend casino hours (8pm to 4am, Fri and Sat) that don't allow me to get up at that time or laziness but -- it ain't gonna happen. And I need to be in the house by 6:30am to get my Little One ready for school. So, I figure when work isn't too hectic I'll pop over to the gym for a workout during lunch which in turn will get me more motivated to work out and then when I miss an afternoon perhaps I'll be able to squeeze in the makeup one later that evening (I belong to two gyms -- one near work and one near my home).

I was ready for a back workout since my last workout was shoulders and that's the order I go. Chest, legs, shoulders, back then arms. Of course my shoulder workout was in MAY! Doesn't matter though. I fucking hurt my back! Dammit! It STILL hurts and working the casino all weekend did nothing to help.

I was going slowly. I didn't kill myself with some ridiculous overzealous workout so that doubles the frustration. I did everything right. I will go back as soon as I can, but its frustrating the hell out of me.

I want to lift. I want to run or bike or whatever. I just simply can't stay healthy.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Skeeter had a good idea for a meme. If I understand correctly, there is a list of "life events" and we are to put our music player on shuffle and list the song/artist that came up in order of the life event. So off my phone MP3 player (alas, only 214 songs) I'm playing along by putting it on shuffle and seeing where the shit lands.

Opening Credits: Waste by Staind. Staind is actually a local band to me and I remember them playing mostly cover songs at clubs. Aaron Lewis is in the upper echelon of "angst" lyricists I should think.

Waking Up: Bridge by Queensryche. I find Q to be a pretty good story-telling band and Bridge tells of an absentee father trying to pry his way back into his estranged son's life but the son feels his dad never built the bridge. Waking up, indeed.

First Day of School: Civil War by Guns N' Roses. A good lesson for the first day of school, no? I love the opening spoken word part sampled from the movie Cool Hand Luke. "What we have here, is failure to communicate". Plus, Slash is a kick-ass guitarist.

Falling in Love: Last Resort by Papa Roach. Damn! I surely think falling in love is not a "Last Resort" nor that it will "Cut my life in pieces." So far it seems I like a lot of angry songs.

Breaking Up: Like the Way I Do by Melissa Etheridge. A damn near classic rock song. Breaking up? Remember, "nobody loves you like the way I do".

Prom: Devil Without A Cause by Kidd Rock. Not quite sure how this would play into the prom, but Rock does a great job mixing rap with classic rock riffs, doesn't he? Turn up that kicker box too!

Life's Okay: Back in the Saddle (Live) by Aerosmith. Yep. Climb back on that horse. Life IS okay.

Mental Breakdown: Mouth by Bush. "Nothing MOUTH". So many of Bush's songs are simple little four power chord songs but they just grab me!

Driving: You Learn by Alanis Morisette. If one's driving through life, I suppose you do live and learn.

Flashback: Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas. That song certainly makes me flash back!

Getting Back Together: Ends by Everlast. Well, I'm not sure how the ramifications of drug addiction ties into this topic but its a way cool song.

Wedding: What If by Creed. Okay, I don't like what songs are coming up for my "Falling in Love" and "Wedding" categories nor do I like that Scott Stapp couldn't keep his shit together and have this band still pumping out awesome music. Alter Bridge is okay, but its no Creed.

Birth of a Child: Call me the Breeze by Lynard Skynard. Ummmmmm......

Final Battle: You Could Be Mine by Guns N' Roses. Since I always think of Terminator 2 when I hear this song, I guess it fits.

Death Scene: Shimmer (Acoustic) by Fuel. Another one I don't get how it plays into this.

End Credits: Change by Staind. This started with Staind I guess it can end with Staind.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Motorcycle Mahem

With summer weather and gas prices I've been seeing a lot of motorcycles lately. Man, if I didn't have a 5 year old I SO would be getting one! Oh well.

Having said that, I've seen a LOT of young women riding rice rockets lately. Driving them, not as a passenger. Something about that I find very sexy.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dirty Words, Sports and Beer

I need more cool words or dirty words or whatever. It seems my most common hit parameters are "funny movie quotes".


I went to two parties over the long weekend. One I couldn't have much fun for two reasons: it was wife's work friends so it was all talk about their job, people at their job, bosses at their job, etc. (*yawn*). The second reason: I had to work at the casino that night so I couldn't drink more than a couple beers which may have made reason one more tolerable. Having said that, they were all very nice, pleasant people.


The second party was more fun if not for the mere fact that not one, not two but three people went headfirst into the sliding door screen with one particular woman blasting clear through it in front of 10 or 15 people. That was good for a laugh since she and the screen were fine.

It was a long day of partying but the company was great, I ate like a total pig and I thought I was particularly funny, if I do say so myself.


On Sunday I hooked up with my buddy and his friend for a round of golf that was an absolute blast! They are the best company one could ever hope for and we had so many laughs we stuck around waiting for the ranger to clear so we could sneak out for an extra nine holes, making 27 total.


Softball season is winding down. My "main" team is not playing well at all. Our defense is horrible and our hitting is suspect. We are 2 and 10 with two games remaining. I'm so frustrated that I'm seriously considering not playing next year. I know, though, that come April I'll be changing my mind.

My co-ed team, the one that won it all last year, is 5 and 3 and sitting firm in second place. We have beaten the three best teams and lost to two of the worst. Apparently, we play to the level of our competition. Despite for a hamstring pull, resulting in me playing infield for a few games, I've played pretty well for both teams, so personally its going okay, but my competitiveness wants more to be more competitive.


My golf game you ask? Shitty! I'm not playing much and when I do I can't stay away from the big numbers on 1 or 2 holes. I've shot 39 and 41 for nine holes recently, but that's about all I can hang my hat on on that front. I've had way more than my share of 48, 49's and 50's. Ugh!


Otherwise, not too much going on and that's why my blog sucks and I need to insert more dirty words. Boobs, penis, panties, ass, sex........hmmmmmm......maybe that's not such a good idea.....