Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend in a Life

Since hours are down for dealers at the casino I've been giving away my Friday nights to have more "weekend". In other words, the casino business is slow, so they've cut many dealers hours to 3 or 4 nights which means those that depend on dealing for their livelihood are always looking to pick up days which makes it easy when I want to give one away. I've given most of mine away since July. Now that the weather's crappy, I won't be giving as many away.

This past weekend went quite typical to most of mine lately:

Friday night I picked up The Little One from her after school program and after cleaning up the kitchen and living room we got into a game of Monopoly. She wanted to play in front of the TV since some show was on that she wanted to watch but I know she would be all distracted and the game would take forever. She acquiesced. It didn't even take an hour and just as we were finishing up Mrs. Nouveau came in from work. We had plans to shop, eat and see a movie but she was later than expected; as usual. No real biggie.

Anyway, my new truck doesn't have built-in GPS like my Honda did so we went out and purchased a portable one. Turns out, she wanted to buy me one for my birthday, which was the beginning of September. However, she ended up giving me some money and I picked up the balance since the one I wanted cost more than what she planned to spend. Or me, for that matter. Its nice though.

Then I treated them to Friendly's for dinner. I told TLO that their food is "for kids and old people" and she thought it was absolutely hysterical. Really, I don't care much for their food, but the girls were pretty happy with the decision, so I went along with it. And everybody loves Sundae's right?

We skipped the movie because it was already 9:15 by the time we got out of there.

Got home, watched a bit of baseball and hit the hay a bit early - even had some "quality time" the older female in my life *wink*.

Played golf Saturday morning. Even though it was about 39 degrees out, I like playing this time of year. There's few players on the course and its usually just my brother and me and we fly through the round and have a bunch of laughs in a less "competitive" atmosphere. Which was a good thing, because I played crappy.

Once home, the Mrs. went shopping with her mother for the afternoon which I thought was pretty cool. TLO and I had to exchange the GPS because something was wrong with it, so that took awhile and when I got back I tried to nap but the fucking phone would NOT stop ringing. TLO loves to answer it too because I would usually let it ring through to the answering machine. I really hate that thing. After failing to nap, TLO and I played another game of Monopoly. I LOVE playing with her. Its so much fun.

Then it was shower time and dealer time. I was tired Saturday night at work so I wasn't as hyper as usual. I did have one asshole player who I rooted against. He kept buying in for more so as I pushed the chips towards him, as usual, I said "good luck" but each time decreased the volume because he was down over $2000 in less than 30 minutes. He told me "no more good lucks! There not working". Like THAT was why he was losing. Douche Bag! Also, I hated how he talked to his wife. "Go away! I can't concentrate! Can you just leave me alone!" Therefore, in my mind, every time I drew to 21, I chuckled. Fuck him. He didn't seem the type to tip anyway. A guy I had later won over $6000 and he tipped me $200. Now there's a guy I can root for!

Home at 5 am, slept until 11:30 which is pretty late for me on a Sunday. It was rainy and snowy and miserable out so a good day to sit around and veg out. Mrs. N. took TLO to see the movie - Where the Wild Things Are. I really didn't have much interest in seeing it and the reviews I saw kind of killed it, so I begged out. Give the Mrs. and TLO some quality time together. The report I got was the movie wasn't that great anyway (at least from the adult perspective).

What's a guy to do when he has the house to himself? Why, turn up the amplifier and wail on his guitar for a bit. Then watch football and eat greasy Monte Cristo sandwiches. Really, that sums up my day. I dozed off watching baseball around 9:30.

Exciting huh? Typical weekend for me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 Things About the New Girl

We have a new girl (woman) working here. She's going on about 3 months I guess. Nice enough lady, but what I don't like:

1) Perfume smells like Citronella. Is there a way of telling someone nicely that you don't like their perfume? Probably not. But I really do hate it. However, I haven't been bitten by a mosquito since she started here. So I have that going for me.

2) Worked here 3 months so far -- missed 7 days already! Seven! And she doesn't have any kids! Then she tells me how she eats right and works out all the time. I should think it ain't working! Down a Big Mac and sit on the couch for the night if it means you can get your ass to work! I bet I haven't missed 7 days due to illness in 20 years here! I'm sure of it.

3) Everything you say to her gets turned into something about her. I mean everything. And to the point that you never even finish your thought. Today I mentioned "(The Little One) and I have been playing Monopoly for the past week and last night she finally beat me. Its so cute watching her learn a new game and its really helping her math...." Then she interrupts! "Oh, I love Monopoly! I used to play all the time, but its been years *blah* *blah* *blah". I never finished. I zoned out her side of the conversation after a time and grabbed some paperwork and sauntered to my office. And if I have to hear about how she's single and 36 and struggling with money any more........

My wife thinks people who do that don't really know how to have a conversation. She's probably right. I have no problem listening to other people's interesting stories and such, but when it kind of stamps onto my side of the thought -- especially before I finish it -- I find it very off-putting.

Oh well.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

OMG! Hahahahahaha

I just saw a 30-something-year-old Hispanic man, carrying 25-30 pounds too many, wearing a belly shirt at a convenience store. I found it hysterical and horrifying at the same time!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Couple snaps from Saturday night. Concert was okay. Buckcherry opened for them and they were pretty good as well. Lost $250 playing BlackJack afterwards but had one hell of a burger at Bobby Flays.