Thursday, June 24, 2010


So, here's me again complaining I have nothing to blog about. I keep thinking that, so I don't blog. That and I'm quite busy lately. So, just to stay in the loop, some tidbits:

  • I'm really getting too old for softball. 43 years old and boy am I feeling it. It might be my last year, but the problem is I'm hitting the SHIT out of the ball. I just struggle to run and field. I need to find a team where I can DH fulltime and have a runner. Nah. Then I'd be bored. Dunno, but contemplating having this year be my swan-song.
  • Damndest thing recently. My knee - my good knee too - began killing me the other week. Aching like nobody's business. And I didn't hurt it but it got so bad that I started dreading stairs of any kind and I had to skip a game. It went on for nearly 2 weeks and I was getting close to a doctor visit but then, overnight, it got better. Almost no pain at all. What's up with that?
  • The family vacation this year is to a resort hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. On the ocean. Indoor and outdoor pool. The whole shebang. Long drive there but plane tickets are riduculous right now. We're going to make both ways two-day drives. In any event, I'm really looking forward to it. Only two weeks away. Will I bring my golf clubs? Yes. Have I told the wife? Ummmm....I don't believe its come up. Shame too, because the tee-times are prepaid.
  • The newest addition to my family continues to amaze us with his mellowness. He is just so not needy. I have yet to hear him cry for more than 5 or 6 seconds in length. And he's 5 weeks old. He eats like a champ so he does get up at night, but once he's fed he's content to chillax and watch the world unfold. We can't wait to see how he turns out.
  • Of course we're trying to give as much attention as possible to our 7 year old who's been quite fantastic about the changes in our lives. She attempts to be helpful and cooperative. What can I say? She's terrific if not cleverly sassy. Hard to get too mad at her sassiness when its back with so much wit and humor. But we try. Taking her to the GHO golf tourney this week, then she has golf camp next week, then our vacation, then to my parents in Maine for a week, then another golf camp, and a visit to Cape Cod. And many many day trips to the pool. Summer's should be great for kids, shouldn't they?
  • My new truck is still awesome. Not a hiccup whatsoever. I love the space and the towability. 2000 more payments and that bad-boy will be all mine!
  • Golf this year has been okay. My new swing is taking its sweet time to come around, but then if Tiger took 2.5 years for his swing to take affect, how long should mine? He probably hits 1000 balls a day! My job gets in the way of that. But I am seeing glimpses of improvement. That, or I'm hallucinating. As long as I think its improvement, that's all that matters.
  • How about that weather lately? Hot, chilly, torrential rain, drought? We're having it all here this year so far.

Pretty boring stuff, eh? Sorry about that. Its my life. Not so boring to me.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Got Facebook?

Do you have Facebook? I do. But frankly, it bores me to tears. I really don't care if my brother is back from fishing or that some tertiary friend's kid took 5th place in his Jiu Jitsu competition. But, if you have it and you really, really feel compelled to post on it - be careful. Case in point: