Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nip no Tuck

I just got off the phone to schedule a vasectomy for the beginning of November. Yeef!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bumper Stickers

My wife text me recently about a bumper sticker she saw.

Save a Tree. Eat a Beaver.

The car was driven by a woman.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hot Tub

My inlaws gave us their hot tub. Complete with decking it stands on and the electrical components. Alls I have to do is plug-n-play.

Well,that and pay my new electric bill.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Shouldn't Shower With a Radio

Lindsay Lohan's in trouble again? No kidding? Can I let you in on a little secret? If she wasn't EVER in trouble I would have NO IDEA who she was. I've never (that I'm aware of) seen one of her movies and I can only name two that she's actually been in off the top of my head: Herbie the Love Bug and Mean Girls.

Therefore, why do I need to hear about her 24/7? Or for that matter Kate Gosslin or Octomom (God I HOPE she does that porn for $500k) or Paris Hilton (another one who just got in trouble) or a slew of others who seem famous for all the wrong reasons. It's really annoying me!

In the shower this morning, when the radio should be playing the latest shitty Adam Lambert song, I get a 5 minute discertation on what they should do to Lindsay regarding her latest legal fiasco. I find myself yelling out loud, "I don't care! Please! Who cares?" (Plus the female half of this morning "zoo" is a friggin idiot - more of why I get annoyed).

Seriously. Why do we care? Lohan's main crime is killing her own career. That and being born to parents who seemingly blame everyone but her. If she never makes another movie will any of us be slightly affected? Doubtful.

Oh my God! I have vested opinions! See? Should I know so much about her?

I'm going to start playing CDs in the shower.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long Weekend

Long weekends are always cool, of course. But they're even cooler when your birthday falls on the holiday allegedly being celebrated. Yup. My birthday fell on Labor Day this year.

What a great weekend.

Friday night the entire family went to see Avatar. We've seen it on DVD but not in the theater with the entire 3-D experience. Its truly a stunning movievisually, even if the plot is basically the Pocahantis story. I must have become desensitized to violence, thought, until I watch it next to my seven-year-old. But then, she said "cooooooooool!" a few times during some mayhem and let out a "guess that guy won't be using that head again" during a fight seen. I suppose she's unaffected by it all at this point. Is that bad?

Its also funny when people come by picking out their seats and notice an infant. You can hear the whispers and watch them slink away to another part of the theater. They just don't know how awesome he is. He stared that the lights for an hour or so then drifted off to sleep the rest of the time. Not a peep from him.

I golfed the next morning and played awesome if I do say so myself. Best round of the year. Just in time to tune it up for my annual Cape Cod trip/tournament.

Then Saturday night we took in some chilly minor league baseball courtesy of some tickets we won at a fundraiser. We had a blast and ate all kinds of bad food. Our team even won for a change. Plus their were fireworks afterwards. Our little boy took it all in. Easy peesey night!

I golfed the next morning and played less than awesome, but still played ok.

When I arrive home, my little girl was away with her aunt for the night so Mrs. Nouveau took me out to a nice seafood dinner. We both dressed up a bit and had a nice, but not great, meal. What struck me that night is how little people care what they look like! I understand wanting to be comfortable but flip-flops, cargo shorts and a white tee shirt for a Saturday night dinner? Put a little effort in please? Its not Macdonal's. Are we all that lazy that we can't put on a button-up shirt and some khakis? Perhaps I'm becoming a curmudgeon. My little boy was awesome again! Not a peep except for some smiles when patrons stopped by to say how wonderful he is.

I golfed the next morning. Actually played 27 that day, since it was my birthday blayed way less than awesome! Too much of a good thing I suppose.

And that night, after my little girl came back, my in-laws wanted to take me out to dinner. Since it was the holiday many restaurants were closed but we ended up going to a family place up their way. Originally we were just going for pizza, but all ended up getting meals. A decent chicken parmagian was my choice. The portion was huge!

Guess what? My little boy was awesome again! As we were leaving I could hear people in booths nearby commenting how they didn't even know there was a baby in the place. By the way, our little girl is pretty awesome when out too just to be fair. But she sure wasn't this easy when she was nearly 4 months old.

Oh and my birthday score? Some quite expensive golf spikes from the Mrs., a UCONN tee shirt and hat from my daughter and a gift card to Home Depot from my in-laws.

A great birthday weekend!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Time Flies

Number One Son is now over 3 months old and starts preschool on Tuesday. Mrs. Nouveau has already shed a tear or two about that. For some reason these "stepping stones" don't affect me in that way. Classic difference between men and women I guess.

In any event he's growing like crazy. He's basically all smiles and wonderment. Never fussy for more than a few seconds but incredibly wiggly and curious about all that surrounds him. Makes for an easy and fun baby, for sure.

My other one is growing like a weed too. I noticed all the kids at her bus-stop had done so. Amazing how fast kids can grow in 3 shorts months when you havent' seen them. She's a third-grader now. Nearly an upper-classman at the K through 5 elementary school. She's sassy and stubborn and even moody at times. But damn near perfect! And she's kicking my ass at ALL the Wii games except for golf. That seemed to happen over night.

The Mrs. has been home since May 19 and returns to work on Tuesday. She's not looking forward to going back. I hope from this, she realizes that the place survives without her. She doesn't need to be there until 7 or 8 at night so often.

In other news: Hurricane Earl is heading up the East Coast but probably won't impact us too much since it will stay far enough east of here.

My team won a golf tournament yesterday in the 98 degree heat. That was cool and HOT at the same time. I couldn't even drink beer it was so hot.

We've now had 33 days over 90 degrees this summer. Second hottest all time. Sort of looking forward to fall at this point.