Friday, July 30, 2010


Not British Petroleum. Banana peppers!

I'm sitting here eating my Subway Hoagie/Grinder/Sandwish/Sub/Po'Boy - whatever you want to call it - and thinking that banana peppers make everything better!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Facebook: Online Place for Bullshit

Were one to read an acquaintences Facebook page, often times it would be a life desirable by all. I read pages and think how wonderful their life is and think "that's great"! Good for them.

However, when one reads Facebook pages of those he knows, he quickly realizes its really bullshit. I mean, really, really bullshit.

Its like meeting someone for 30 minutes where they can pretend to be anybody they want. But once you truly get to know them you quickly figure out who they really are. Warts and all. And normally, you accept them.

But when my wife's sister posts about her great fiance and how wonderful her life is going I cringe. I know the real story. And guess what? Three days later, they're broken up! And, frankly her life's been in the shitter for years. Don't get me wrong, I love her dearly, but puh-lease! The same goes for the co-worker I befriended. Her page is wonderful and full of positivity. But at work, have to hear day in and day out about how much her life sucks.

So then, who are the posts for? Strangers? Acquaitences? Anybody who knows them a little obviously knows what's going on.

Then, my mom posts recently about how wonderful her trip down to see us all was. And from my viewpoint it was terrific. Below her post, my brother's wife mentions she wishes my mom had stayed longer. Again, puh-lease! My sister-in-law has never enjoyed my mom's company and frankly when visiting can't get out of her house quick enough.

And yet, another extended family member comes across as the sweetest, most compassionate God-fearing saint. I know her. She's a bitch who's done and said some horrible things to and about others. She's petty, she's back-stabbing and she's mean! She treats her daughter like shit and is ever so quick to knock anybody down a peg in her own little insecure way of building herself up. I can't take her even a little. So much-so that I refuse to "friend" her because I can't tolerate for one second her posts and knowing they're nearly 100% lies! But then, she's phony to your face too.

Those are just a few examples. Of course, I understand its about pleasantries and putting one's best foot forward but for some reason it rubs me the wrong way. I guess I don't tolerate phoniness well.

And I'm sure blogging is similar. People want to show their good side. I get it but I stop and wonder how real it all is. Of course the layers exposed are to put the blogger in the best possible light and all the pronouncements are one side of the story, right? No doubt that won't change. And that's fine.

Good thing my life is perfect though.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation Return

Family and I had a nice vacation at the beach. Hotel was so-so, but the location rocked! Weather was cooperative, surf was 85 and the waves where great. We ate out a lot and a ton at a time. I golfed a few times and it was terrific. We hit tons of traffic down and back but my little 2 month old was unbelievably great the entire trip! He's really amazing in his mellowness and it was nice to spend a good solid week with him.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Its so hot.....

Our weather is ridiculously hot this week. Today its 101. Quite rare for southern New England. I mean its HOT! Did you just ask how hot? I mean hot.

Its so hot....

I just saw two squirrels fanning their nuts. Hot I say.
Cows are giving evaporated milk. Hot.
Even Satan took the day off. Wicked HAWT (as they's say in Boston).
The National Weather Service just issued a Flash Sweat Warning. Look out! Its hot.
The trees are whistling for the dogs. Yep. Fucking hot!
It dipped below 95 and I put on a sweater. Did I mention its hot out?
I even got condensation on my butt from the coolness of the bowl water. Now that's HOT!

Okay, enough of that. I'm off to play 9-holes in my golf league. Anybody have a sponge?

** jokes obtained from various sources online