Monday, February 28, 2011

Into it All

Our little man, now a full 9-months old, started crawling. And boy did he go from zero to 60 fast. What was once merely content to sit in one place, occasionally reaching for things has quickly become full exploration of the entire house.

Its cute as hell, but man is it tough keeping up with him. And the baby gates are still in their brand new plastic wrappers!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Money on Fire

I went into Golfer's Warehouse over the weekend to follow-up on something I'd been meaning to do for the longest time; get fit for my (or other, if needed) golf clubs. The process is pretty cool. They have you hit balls in front of an optic monitor thingy which measures club speed, ball speed, ball spin, launch angle, etc. My fitter was a great guy who after analyzing the datat told me that I would always struggle with the setup I had. He said my swing was pretty sound and thought I could really benefit from some after-market shafts.

That all rang pretty true with me. I just never seemed to have 100% confidence that my equipment was correct for me. I work terribly hard at the game yet lately, I haven't been seeing the improvements I thought I deserved. He said my ball flight had too much spin for the launch angle and it wouldn't be true to me and would eventally cause me to "correct" it in the next swing making matters worse since it was caused by improper equipment rather than improper swings. Its all very technical but fascinating to a number freak like me.

He also measured my "grouping" which is the general area where my shots were landing - yeah, the computer can compute all that - and promised me he could tighten it up with new shafts, i.e. make the circle smaller. So, if my average miss was 18 yards, he could make it like 12. That's a big deal! Furthermore, he LOVED the club-heads on my set, so apparently, the deal I got last year was an actual deal. He merely thought the shafts I was playing were not correct for my swing-type.

I trusted the guy and the data. He could have sold me new gear but he felt I was best served by the stuff I have after I tweaked it. He actually talked me out of new gear because nothing in store would have had the shafts he felt were perfect for me. Plus, without me even hitting one of my hybrids (new-fangled 3 and 4-irons, which I hate) he told me there was no way I would be able to hit them consisetently. And I can't. Hence the reason I hate them.

So I spent some money but not too much. I have all my newly shafted clubs and I'm eager to put them to the test. The driver shaft was rather pricey at nearly $200. But believe it or not, they have a $2200 driver shaft in store. Good God! And a new driver, again without the perfect shaft could run about $400. He also suggested shortening the driver shaft back a bit after taking into account my swing arc.

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about it all, but probably a rather boring blogger. But, if I could take 3 strokes off my game this summer, throught equipment and short game improvements I'd be a happy camper.

Now, if only this damn snow would melt.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Store Without Doors

Cool! I got $70 for my old Blackberry after Ebaying it to make room for the new iPhone. That will help pay for my club fitting tomorrow.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get Over It

I saw Bob Dylan perform on the Grammy's the other night. Can we all PLEASE stop pretending he's some genius? It sounded so bad I was cringing. He would have been cut from American Idol and voted off the island in the same episode. It was horrible. Then the crowd gives him a standing ovation? I mean, REALLY? Do people actually love Bob Dylan's music or do they think they're supposed to love Bob Dylan's music so they go with the crowd?

I do like many of his songs, however. When other people perform them!

And that Mick Jagger song might have been the most annoying song I've ever heard. Hey, Mick, please, repeat that line again, okay? I didn't catch it the first 76 times you sang it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Give Me Fever

Temperatures today are in the mid 40's with even warmer forecast through the weekend. Spring fever's running rampant and its all anyone can talk about. We're down to about two feet of standing snow now. Perhaps I will be golfing by Memorial Day afterall.

And I also recently received softball league information.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mrs. Nouveau is Nouveau

Mrs. Nouveau has lost nearly 30 pounds (I found a few of them around my beltline, however) since starting Weight Watchers in November. I'm proud of her, she's proud of her (as she should be), in fact everyone's proud of her. She wasn't huge to start with, but really looks fantastic and as a reward recently spent a king's ransom on new hair cut and coloring/highlighting. She looks great. As I said in my last post, if I wasn't such a fucking catch, I'd fear she was primping to move on to someone better/richer/handsomer.

Weight Watchers, however, is not cheap. Nor is eating healthy. Nor is needed so many new clothes!

So, for a Valentine's present I used some of the money I won on the Superbowl with some I had squirreled away to take her clothes shopping on Saturday evening. I understand its sort of a cop-out, but it's so much easier with her there. I do, however, offer solid opinions when asked.

I didn't tell her how much I had to spend but every time she decided on something I'd ask "anything else you need?" Funny that she quit shopping before I reached my budget so I took her out to a simple late dinner, which was very nice.

Then yesterday, she went through ALL her clothes. I'm talking an 8 foot closet chock full plus a woman's dresser and a man's dresser's worth. Much of the stuff she hadn't worn in years or completely forgot she owned. She purged a bunch of the "bigger" clothes as well as tons of stuff she didn't like/want/need. In the end, however, it was like she just came back from "What Not To Wear" with how much "new" stuff she had discoverd. She kept popping in while I watched golf to show what she found that was long forgotten or that now fit when it hadn't in so long.

When mama's happy, the house is happy, right?

Friday, February 11, 2011


Noooo, not my wife and I. She'd be crazy to leave me. I'm a fucking catch!

My phone. I dumped my Blackberry Storm for the iPhone 4 since its now available on Verizon which is my carrier of choice. There's a couple things the iPhone doesn't do that the Blackberry did, but about a million things the iPhone does that the Blackberry didn't! I'm so psyched!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back to Back

I tweaked my back on Sunday. I think it was chipping the driveway/walkway ice and shovelling. After a day or so it had improved but then seemed to level off.

Well, last night while carrying my 22 lb nearly 9-month-old son down the stairs I slipped and landed awkwardly totally tweaking my back again!

I am sooooo uncomfortable today.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Looks like my family will be going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina again this year for vacation. Reasons being:

1. We love the beach;
2. Lots of golf courses (for me, anyway);
3. Tons of restaurants (including my family's new favorite, Golden Coral);
4. Warm water, great surf;
5. Everything is so reasonably priced (golf, restaurants, etc);
6. My co-worker generously offered use of her condo for as long as we like for about 1/4 what it would cost us! 10 days for $350 sound good to anyone? Does to me!

MB or bust!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sample This

I had to....a.....ummm.....errr.....bring in a sample in to finalize my vasectomy today.

I wonder.....why did I feel compelled to tell the lady I had "help"? But then again, how does one convey to the clinic counter-person something of the sort? I kept quiet.

She asked what time I "gave" the sample. Now that seemed more funny than embarrassing. " was about 7am I guess". Again, another opportunity to mention I didn't take matters into my own hands, but then does it really matter? For some reason it did matter to me though. Not sure why. Of course I didn't seriously consider mentioning the intimate details, but it sat weirdly with me. I mean, who cares what this complete stranger thinks? She's probably processed a bazillion of them anyway. But yet I cared.

Lets hope I at least pass the test.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Same Old Same Old

More snow today! They expect up to a foot before it turns to ice. Kids are now missing their 6th day of school this year and tomorrow looks no better. I feel like all I do is turn on the TV to check the weather.