Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Suck!

So I had my first night of golf league Tuesday night and I sucked the Royal Big One!

Allegedly I'm an "A" player. That's all well and good, except I tied for 18th out of 22 players!! Granted, I'm only playing one guy and I tied that match, which is the important part, but I barely beat all the "B" players?

Something about trees, sand and water that made things difficult out there for me.

Grrrr.....and I thought I had the game all figured out.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Isn't it nice sometimes to tell others how great your life is to make them jealous? Could be some great vacation or perhaps some freedom you have that they don't. Maybe you have great family or friends or relationships. Could be anything really.

Well, today I want to make all my good readers jealous. I spent the first half of my lunch hour organizing my key chain. Honest to God it was getting rather unruly, what with the new remote for my wife's car, remote for my company car, my car keys and other assorted keys that I'm not even sure what they do.

So I ditched the excess remotes. I can use a key for the intermittent times I drive those cars. I stored the 5 keys that I rarely, if ever use.

I've simplified. Life is good!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Enlgand Weather

Let's see. First half of last week: Cold and rainy. They even had spits of snow in some sections.

Then Friday, pretty nice - about 70 and sunny. Beautiful Spring day.

Saturday, 92! Sunday 88. Yesterday 89. Today 88. Summer? Woah! Hold on a minute.

Tomorrow - 60 or so. Rest of week, high 50's and showers.

You never know around here, but I'm off to play my first round of golf for my new golf league (we were rained out last week).

Wish me well.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Still Here!

I've been popping in but haven't been posting much. I look at my blog and say to myself "boring!". I look at my very limited readership and say "Yep! Boring other too". So when I get an idea to blog, which seems rare lately, there's not the fire to do so.

Anyway, I've been busy. Working my two jobs. Moving the Little One's bedroom and helping make her older, smaller one, into a craft room for Mrs. N.

I went to Connecticut's other casino with Mrs. N. Wednesday as we both took the day off and The Little One spent the day with her Grammy. Mrs. N. won $70 or so. I lost about $240. We had a good time though.

I've been playing decent golf and have joined a Tuesday night golf league. Softball's around the corner too, but I'm winding down to just one team I think.

Oh, I have 4 yards of mulch to move and place this weekend but the weather will be in the 80's so it will be nice to be outside.

That's all for now. Ta ta!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rating System

My Little One had her first Little League practice last night. The first time she's done anything related to baseball, actually. And she did quite well.

When I was picking her up from school and telling her how much we needed to rush to make practice in time, she made it clear that baseball was way down on her list of favorite sports. "First, is gynastis (sic), second is golf, third is hockey and fourth is stupid baseball." she proclaimed on our way to the car. Of course, she knows I love baseball and was merely trying to stick in my craw. I get a big kick out of it.

So, on the way home from practice she asked if when we got home we could play catch, practice fielding and hit. Of course I said. After over an hour, we had run out of daylight and begrudgingly headed indoors.

Seems its not so stupid after all. So in her most recent favorite saying, "whatever!".

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Later Gator

C'mon, can we finally all admit that Scott was still on American Idol because of he was visually impaired? He seemed like a nice enough kid, but was only marginally talented. Yeah, yeah, he was an inspiration, blah, blah. But, isn't AI a talent contest? He was a pretty good piano player, I guess, but he couldn't sing worth a damn! And that's what it should come down to.

Methinks Anoop is next.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Something to Say

God is my Co-Pilot

Jesus Saves

Believe in the Lord

If You Can Read This God Loves You

Heading in the Wrong Direction? God Allows U-Turns

Take Daily Exercise, Walk With The Lord

Bumper stickers. Personally, there's not much I need to say so badly that I want to make my car look stupid or ruin the paint. And surely, no bumper sticker as yet has the power to get me to church on Sunday mornings.

What I wonder, though, is why are most of the "God" ones on the shittiest cars on the road? You'll see them on a '84 Tercel that's dragging a bumper, but rarely on a new Lexus. Shouldn't the lady in the Lexus have more to be thankful for?

Just a thought.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Conference II

We had our second parent/teacher conference for our little first grader. Things were WORLDS better than last time. I mean incredibly different in every way imaginable. All for the better. So we were very proud and confident The Little One was progressing well.

Should we be concerned, however, that her teacher rather regularly has misspellings and grammatical errors in her monthly flyer? The latest was a hand written poster thingy about snakes where she mentions how they "breath" where it should read how they "breathe". So, its not really a typo.

And in my kid's world, teachers trump parents knowledge-wise. Eventually, I'm sure that willb e the case. But not YET!