Friday, June 10, 2011

Let's Get Physical

I had a long overdue physical today. Apart from the fact that he didn't buy me dinner before violating me (he did apologize ahead of time), he was very happy with my health. I have slightly elevated blood pressure (my family is riddled with hypertension) so he gave me a 'script just to keep it in check. Otherwise I'm fine. Although I've been trying to drop a few pounds in the past few weeks, he called me "lean". I'm not fat, but I'm not lean. Furthermore, he also seemed to think I am much more fit than I am based on the heart test results. So I'll go with that as well.

Am I more fit than I give myself credit for? Or is he just used to seeing big slobs?

He even thought my tats were cool. That makes him cool in my book.

3 kind commenters:

radioactive girl said...

I think you are probably very fit compared to what they normally see. I have no idea what you look like so this isn't really a judgement about you, more that I think in general doctors see tons of WAY out of shape people so when they see a normal one they think it's awesome. Every time I go for surgery they go crazy over how healthy I am. That seems crazy considering I am there for surgery so I'm thinking the majority of people are just pretty awful and that makes you and I look exceptional.

21-20 said...

My Beloved Spouse and I lost sixteen kilos each by giving up starch. It was no big deal, we just opted away from potatoes and anything bready. Can be done, and it stays off.
We allow ourselves an occasional cookie or fries now, but not often. You lose the taste for rubbish ...

Anonymous said...

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