Monday, June 29, 2009

Things Come in Fours?

First it was Ed McMahon dying. Nice enough guy, but really hasn't been relevant in, what? 18 years? If Donald Trump wasn't bailing him out of his mortgage woes, then I probably couldn't tell you if he was alive or not in any event. How he pissed through all that "Bloopers" "Star Search" and "Carson" money is beyond me anyway.

Then, nearly simultaneously, it was Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

Now, Farrah really hasn't been relevant since when? The twin-nipple poster that many a young man tossed one (million) off to? Charlie's Angels? Or merely being tabloid fodder for her many tumultuous relationships.

Michael, too, has really only been relevant for scandals since, what? 1987? Talented guy, yes. I like many of his songs but he's honestly more known for being a freak and, ummm....shall we say extremely poor decisions, if not disgustingly criminal behavior as of late.

And now comes the death of Billy Mays! Relevant? Hell yeah! From him I learned I can completely clean and detail my car in 3 minutes. I now know I can plant plants, till my farm and erect skyscraper footings with a cordless drill and "awesome auger". I know, too, I can easily chop vegetables in my fly-free, odorless kitchen all the while sprinkling grated cheese from my cheese grater/plate combo. Oh, and I can "Oxy" clean any product known to man.

Billy Mays? Relevant? I think so! Such an impact on my life. R.I.P. Billy.

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