Friday, August 26, 2011

Gettin' It Good

Nooo...not that kind of Gettin' It Good. You perverts!

My daughter has it good. Damn good. Her summer:

1 week of camp with her two best friends -- crafts, sports, bowling, mini-golf, pool, etc.
1 week of golf camp (1/2 day) then swim /ice skating camp (2nd half of day)
2 weeks of vactaion in Mytle Beach with her family (twas lovely)
1 week of vacation on a lake in Maine with her Aunt
4 weeks of swim camp, with morning sports activities thrown in
1 week of adventure camp w/ swimming, rock climbing, zip lines, etc.

Throw in assorted weekend excursions to the beach, shopping, cookouts, mini golf, family parties and friend's birthday parties (she goes to like 3 per month).

Yeah. She got it good. Its cool to be 8!

4 kind commenters:

andrewgosnell1980 said...

Good for your daughter! After long days of studying she deserves to have it all. I admire your kindness and the support you're giving to your daughter. God Bless! Pro Flight Simulator

David Henry said...

That sounds cool but putting perverts in your blog is not a good idea

Anonymous said...

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