Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tatted Up

My buddy recently got his second tattoo. Its of Scooby-Do. Now, he's 42 years old and I found that a bit strange as did everyone who discretely commented to me. He says he's always liked Scooby-Do so that's why he got it. Weird. Anyway, its his body and I guess it goes well with his drinking tequila worm on his other shoulder.

I shouldn't talk much though. I have two. The first I got is actually a cartoon character but I got it when I was much younger. I don't really regret it at all as it represents a time in my life, but it doesn't fit so much who I am today. Its well done and its on the back of my shoulder so nobody needs to see it anyway. It harkens to my younger, impulsive, child-like self.

My other tattoo will represent me forever and I love it and I'm proud of it. Its basically my design in armband form, which I find appealing to the eye (even if its a hackneyed ideal). You can see interwoven in the design three letters -MLM- in some script. The initials are my daughter's initials but they are also the first initials of my wife, daughter and self (Note: I took a bunch of pictures and they all sucked - hard to take of your own arm and have it look decent).

If Mrs. Nouveau and I have another child I will get another one representing him or her. My Little One totally digs my arm-band so I feel its a connection between the two of us and with the interchangeable initials its a family connection (until the next kid comes along - no room for another set of initials). I have a couple ideas for the next tattoo but nothing concrete at this time.

And if we don't have another kid, maybe I'll get one anyway.

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radioactive girl said...

I love tattoos. I have two myself. I was supposed to be on Miami Ink, but decided against it after a bunch of delays (surgeries). Now I have no idea what I would get because I would want it to mean something, and can't think of what would represent the feelings I want expressed.

I love that yours means something.

What cartoon character????

Skeeter said...

Interesting. Always wanted to get one of those he-man, super macho tattoos ... but was a little too chicken to actually do it.

Were you all thinking about another youngun?

Best wishes,

NouveauBlogger said...

R-girl: I remember your were lined up for Miami Ink. That could have been so cool! Marvin the Martian.

Skeeter: Yes, wife has asked to have another so we're going for it! :)