Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh no, she ditn't!!

Holy crap! Is anybody even reading me anymore? Oh well, I'll post to amuse myself so that in 8 months when I look back I can send "LOL" comments to myself.

I have another story since that seems that's how my blog has evolved and perhaps its why my viewings are so low. At least I get a lot of hits from the words "men's thong" and others of that ilk, including the movie quotes I posted awhile ago, but those never leave comments or participate in other ways.

Anyway, this story is from maybe 5 years ago and I'm not sure it will work so well in text but since I've told it a million times in person, with all the proper inflections, my audience has always enjoyed it. Perhaps you will to.

Many in my family were up visiting my parents for Christmas. As per usual we ended up playing board games together and at one point we were playing a game where one has to give clues but cannot say certain words and others have to guess the words. I'm not a huge board game guy, but I think it was Scattergories.

Anyway, it was my brother's turn. He was sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch and my wife was sitting on that couch with her knees right beside his head. He looked at the card and muttered, "This is going to be bad". He looked me square in the eye and then pointed between Mrs. B's jeans-clad legs. I quickly said, "Box" and we got the game point.

My then 65 year old mother looked incredulous. "What? How did you get that word? Ohhhh....a box? I never heard it called a box. A TWAT, yes, but not a BOX."

We nearly died laughing red-faced. Not only was my was sweet, petite mom saying "twat" in our presence, but the emphasis she put on the word was at the same time unsettling and hysterical.

10 kind commenters:

radioactive girl said...

That is way too funny! (how long did it take you to recover from hearing that?!?)

NouveauBlogger said...

Collectively, as a family, we're STILL not over it, lol

Sheila said...

I still read... although sadly my school work is getting in the way of my happy fun reading/writing time. damn it to tell. haha

Kahnee said...

I read too... and I never heard of being called a box. I like twat better.

Kahnee said...

I forgot to add, you're my inspiration for my corky posts.

NouveauBlogger said...

Sheila - Yeah, life tends to get in the way - but welcome back.

Kahnee - LOL - Twat sounds, ummm, bad, lol. And I'm glad to be an inspritation

minijonb said...

That's funny.

Sorry, I'm too tired to come up with anything else to say. Maybe if I finish the draft of my novel this month (or next) I'll be back to my normal blogging self.


NouveauBlogger said...

"That's funny" is fine, Jon :)

Efrain said...

That would just floor me if my mother came out and said what yours did. It would be pretty funny in retrospect though.

FYI, I linked to your site from Single & Blessed

NouveauBlogger said...

Yeah, Efrain, it sure blew us away. And thanks for stopping in and commenting :)